Eric McGehearty Interview


Eric McGehearthy is the Founder and CEO at GlobeRunner SEO here in Dallas. Founded in 2008, Globerunner is one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in Texas. Additionally, Eric is an award winning sculptor, his work having been exhibited in galleries and museums across the US, and he is an advocate for people with […]

Wade Brantley Interview


Wade Brantley is the Managing Director at SaM Solutions US, the US arm of the Germany based, global software development outsourcing firm with over 700 developers and project managers located in Eastern Europe. Turning Point Going from ’employee’ to ‘owner’ for the first time. Thought Leadership 1. Publishing 240 blog posts per year to his […]

Marketing Automation Software


Column Five did a great job creating the following info-graphic showing the impact that marketing automation software can have on a companies bottom line.  I would go a step further to say the lost opportunity cost of allowing your competition to gain market share (while you wait indecisively on the sidelines) doubles the incredible stats […]

Platform & Thought Leadership


More than four centuries ago William Shakespeare wrote “all the worlds a stage,” and his words are truer today than ever before. The platform is the means by which you connect with your existing contacts. While it’s true that our website and current marketing efforts such as newsletters and webinars are in fact achieving this, […]

Book Review: The Magic of Thinking Big


The Magic of Thinking Big is a New York Times bestseller that was originally published in 1959 and has sold over 4 million copies.  It was the first big  writing success for Dr. David J. Schwartz, (Psychology) who went on to write several other books on motivation and success.  During his life,  he gave motivational […]

Turning LinkedIn Into A Lead Generation Magnet


It’s safe to say that LinkedIn is at once the least understood as well as the most powerful of all the social media platforms. Over 250 million members with average household incomes of $109K it is certainly the most affluent and influential. Only about 2% of members are taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has […]

Book Review: Go-Giver


If I were to sum up Go-Giver in one sentence: It’s undoubtedly one of the most significant sales books of our time, yet it expounds on some of the oldest ‘relationship building’ wisdom of all time. To understand the awesome little business parable Go-Giver, and it’s companion Go-Givers Sell More, it helps to gain some […]

Agency As A Startup


I was living and working in Boulder at the turn of the century (sounds like such a long time ago), and had the chance to help my dad market his desalination invention to investors.  Basically, the invention used the hydrostatic head of a 2000 foot hole (well) to drive sea water through reverse osmosis membranes […]

Opportunity in Disguise


If the key to entrepreneurial success is discovering a need and satisfying it, then perhaps the key to successful markets is increasing awareness of a need through networks, and in a mutually beneficial manner. When investors and venture capital is harder to come by, how much greater is the opportunity, as those hurdles will certainly […]

Have You Kissed an Entrepreneur Today?


Entrepreneurism has an inextricable relationship to Free Enterprise. Try separating the two…I tried and couldn’t do it. If the Free Enterprise System is the backbone of America, then Entrepreneurship is the very calcium making up the bone. It’s so important in fact, that not a single product or service that we know of today, or […]