Platform & Thought Leadership


More than four centuries ago William Shakespeare wrote “all the worlds a stage,” and his words are truer today than ever before. The platform is the means by which you connect with your existing contacts. While it’s true that our website and current marketing efforts such as newsletters and webinars are in fact achieving this, the act of ‘platform building’ is raising that stage even higher, ultimately with more reach and with more authority.

A platform ‘raises the stage’ and by doing so, elevates the brand.

The platform is a powerful thought leadership vehicle and the quality with which it is built has as much to say about thought leadership as the content itself. Designed correctly, the platform will enable your message (influence) to be spread out to a predictable and ever growing number of contacts.

The concept of ‘platform’ and ‘thought leadership’ go hand in hand. A platform enables you to speak with more authority and in some cases to more people (and or to a different set of people) than previously possible. When we first ventured into video a few short years ago we were in fact creating a new platform where customers could give their testimonials, where we could introduce and explain new products more effectively and where viewers could actually see employees in their work environment. At that time the use of web video for those purposes was, in and of itself, ‘thought leadership’.

In a book I intend to publish this year I make the case that in twenty-first century marketing a brand must exhibit thought leadership if it wants to get the buyers attention.  With more information at our fingertips than ever before, each of us whether we realize it or not, wears the hat of researcher, analyst and salesman. A constantly shrinking attention span requires us to quickly find the thought leader in the niche of interest.  And to be heard in an increasingly noisy world, we need a higher platform.


Steve Chenoweth is the founder and CEO of SQmedia, an inbound marketing and innovation agency. He is also the host of The Steve Chenoweth Show, a seven day per week podcast featuring interviews with influential business leaders on the topic of thought leadership in marketing.

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