Wade Brantley Interview


Wade Brantley is the Managing Director at SaM Solutions US, the US arm of the Germany based, global software development
outsourcing firm with over 700 developers and project managers located in Eastern Europe.

Turning Point

Going from ’employee’ to ‘owner’ for the first time.

Thought Leadership

1. Publishing 240 blog posts per year to his blog has earned Wade Google Authorship status and considerable increase in traffic to his site.

2. Building the Software Development Options group on LinkedIn, which is attracting members that are potential customers for Sam Solutions going forward. Wade has built leadership status with the members of this group since he is the founder and moderator of the group.

3. Webinar creation around the issues startup software development product managers are facing.

Best Business Advice

“Any ‘business’ is not necessarily ‘good business’. Good business is defined by mutually beneficial relationships.”

Business Leadership Book

The 360 Leader ~  by John Maxwell

“For The 360º Leader, he (Maxwell) has selected an important but neglected business subject: the middle manager who has far more responsibility than authority, who struggles to earn respect from her or his peers while accommodating the needs and interests of superiors, and who frequently feels overworked and under appreciated.” from Amazon.

Interview Links

Blog: http://sam-solutions.us/blog

Twitter: @samsolutionsus

Email: w.brantley@sam-solutions.com


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